Door Menu

I’ve updated the door menu once again.

The door section is now nicely devided into sections.


I’m pleased to announce that Clutch is now a part of the AgoraNet message network.


Alpha 1.10a10

[x] Update List

– Mystic 1.10a10

Alpha 1.10a8

[x] Update List

– Mystic 1.10a8
– Art gallery (Mystic’s new integrated ansi gallery)

Alpha 1.10a5

[x] Update List

– Mystic 1.10a5

Update List

[x]  Update list

– Website font size
– Removal of the Links Page
– Additional information added to the About Page
– Looking into drop-down menus. (Still unsure, don’t think it’s necessary)
– System Uptime integration
– Rumors relocated


Mystic to the web

Well I’m happy to announce that I’ve implemented the Mystic PHP library made by Netsurge. This PHP library allows extraction of data from the BBS so you can import it into the web.

You can take a look for yourself by clicking on the “Stats” button and the “Userlist” button.


Update List

[x] Update List

– The doors menu/ansi has been updated.

Update List

[x] Update List

– File Listing Ansi

Quick Login Option

A quick login menu has been added to the login process. This will allow user’s to skip right to the main menu achieving a faster login.