Server Upgrade

Well the BBS just went through a major overhaul. The backend server has been upgraded. This will allow the BBS to perform better, and give us the options of doing much more with it.


BBS Intergration

I’ve removed some of the BBS integration from the website due to a broken API. I’m hoping to bring this back in the future either when the developer addresses the issues, or I have some time to figure it out myself.

Alpha 13

The BBS has been upgraded to Alpha 13.

Mystic 1.10 Alpha 12

Mystic has been upgraded to the next alpha version 12.

Mystic v1.10 A11

Mystic has been upgraded to the newest release of Alpha 11

New menu ansi

Clutch has been updated with a new menu ansi.

Door Menu

I’ve updated the door menu once again.

The door section is now nicely devided into sections.


I’m pleased to announce that Clutch is now a part of the AgoraNet message network.


Alpha 1.10a10

[x] Update List

– Mystic 1.10a10

Alpha 1.10a8

[x] Update List

– Mystic 1.10a8
– Art gallery (Mystic’s new integrated ansi gallery)